Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby Pictures

I have always had a battle with my fireplace mantel, it’s 7ft long and oh, I’d say about 7 inches wide plus the plain brown brick is the worst, not my choice BTW! This is the 3rd try and I think I’m going to stick with it. Plus the wood burner which is wonderful in it’s own way, we have had such low, low temps here in Pa. that it has been nice.


 The wreath I found at Kmart, it’s a Jacqueline Smith wreath and is supposed to look like ice.


I hate using the flash but was night out  when I took these photos. I needed something else on there so I decided to bring out the pictures of my granddaughter’s when they were babies and I’m glad I did, I’ve missed them since I had put them away with the other style I had, now I get to enjoy them again♥



Alexandra (Alex) who is now 6!


Sydney who is now 9!












Samantha who is now 5! Sydney & Sam are sister’s.


I put both their pictures like this…


I’m linking to My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday! So stop on over to see all the pretty homes!

P.S. Dear Santa,

Please bring me a new camera, I’ve been very good!




Anonymous said...

Your grandbaby photos are beautiful!!! Tell Santa to read your blog :) I hear you about the camera - my blogging changed with a new camera that I didn't have to fight with.

Sarah @ said...

I think you did a great job! And BTW I have a very similar fireplace that i am trying to love:)