Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It…is done!

At least for Thanksgiving which is two days away, can you believe it! We wanted to get the cabinets done mostly so that we could at least make Thanksgiving dinner and we did but there was good news and not so good news! The good news was we could buy this part of the counter at Lowes but the opposite side would have to be ordered, this I knew but because of the holidays and being backed up at the factory I probably won’t get them until after Christmas…bummer! That’s okay though I’m truly thankful for my dreamy, white kitchen…Amen!
It was alot of hard work for both of us, I would paint on my days off and hubby would pick up what I wasn’t able to get finished so yesterday he finished it up for me and you can imagine the smile on my face when I walked in and saw the counter on. Of course it wasn’t decorated I did that today and what a good time I had:)
I’m warning you that this post is very picture loaded  and I had to use the flash because it has been raining for three days here and very dreary out but this has been a dream of mine to finally be able to show my kitchen to you.
I left the doors off above the refrigerator, at first I wasn’t going to but then thought how little use they get because of how far back they are because of the new fridge. Mr. K did throw the cookbooks up there and my mind started turning and I thought I’d find a bookend when I went to Marshall’s.It’s a man leaning and pushing plus it’s black and eclectic(7.99)that’s what I was looking for. The newspaper basket, that’s what I call them, is from TJMaxx.(9.99)
You can see him better in this photo, also bought a new cookbook, Soup is it’s name.(3.49)
I so want to keep it clutter free!
As you can see the hardware is all on, I had bought the hardware about 5 years ago someday I’d like to get new handles on the cupboards but that’s a ways down the road!
The hinges were a tarnished gold so Mr. K grinded what he could off then he spray painted them with Valspar Metallic paint and they came out so good, looks like they were that way from the beginning!
Finally got to use the zebra baskets, I’ve had them for a couple months!  See the planters above the cupboards?
They are from the Dollar Tree which I spray painted a flat white, I’ve had these for a while too!
Yes, that’s our turkey, just didn’t feel like lifting all 20lbs of him again! I still have to paint the window trim and the switch plates too!
I need a new light but I’m taking my time I just haven’t found any yet that aren’t to expensive that I really love. I can’t decide if I want industrial or mercury glass, I guess I’ll know it when I see it!
I took the one rooster down and put the rooster pitcher up instead, that’s also a Easy Canvas print I won on a giveaway!
Did you ever find a pin on Pinterest that you loved and had to have? Well, I did with this pin below, see the inside of the cabinet painted black with the white bowls…well, I had to have this in my kitchen!!!
Ta Da!!! This is what you see when you walk in the door LOVE it!  This is the cupboard underneath the island/bar the bowls are from Marshall’s  and the one bowl on the bottom to the left was free at a garage sale!
I had to take the picture from the side because the flash just bounced off the black!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my white kitchen there is still alot more I want done but as Sonny from 155 Dream Lane says “ I walk down the hallway and smile every time I see my white kitchen.” Now I do too Sonny:)
I’m joining these neat party’s!
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Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone with your family and friends and remember how blessed we all are!


Anonymous said...

Wow! it looks great. I can see why you smile every time you see it. The black cabinet with the white bowls is a great feature. I'm really impressed
Sending you best wishes, from across the pond, for a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Pam said...

What a gorgeous kitchen! I've always wanted a white kitchen. Looks so clean and airy. My favorites are the bookend and black cabinet. And the new countertop. And the white accent pieces....I love it all! Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

WOW WOW WOW You did it ~!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am soooooo happy for you sweetie.. I know it was so much work but the results were worth it. I know you are Grinnin Big Time and I see why.. It looks terrific~!

This is a little spooky- I did a black cabinet with all my white stoneware on saturday. Are we on the same wavelength?? lol...

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy every moment in your new kitchen.


Mariaelena said...

nice happy that it is done for the holiday...we are currently working on ours now..come and check it is sooo much work. Aren't husbands the best???...I totally could not do ours without his help!!...I'm hoping that ours is done by the middle of December...enjoy Thanksgiving in your new, beautiful kitchen..xo, Mariaelena

Gail said...

WOW your kitchen looks GREAT!!!! It was well worth the hard work wasn't it. We painted our kitchen cabinets white two years ago and I'm still loving mine. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving in your new kitchen.

Aimee said...

Wow! It's a masterpiece! You have a magazine shoot ready kitchen!! The hard work definitely paid off!!! I am so impressed and loving your blog! I'm your newest follower and would love to invite you for a visit!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Aimee @

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Congratulations on a job well done! What an enormous undertaking. It looks great!

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

It looks awesome! We painted our kitchen cabinets white and we painted our countertops black this past summer and I am loving them both! It is a lot of work but it's so worth it when it makes you smile every time you walk into the room. Love what you did with the black cabinet! We did that with two of ours, only I went with a terra cotta reddish color and I love it! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Blondie's Journal said...

Hurray for you! All your work has paid's beautiful! I know you are going to have a great time making Thanksgiving dinner in your new kitchen! I just love everything!


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

It looks fantastic! What a makeover! It's a lot of work, but now you have the beautiful kitchen you wanted. I love that black painted cabinet!