Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time to Primp Your Pumpkin

Well hello, how are you? Are your weeks flying by like mine? I cannot believe it’s Wednesday already can you? Seems like it was just Sunday, I guess that means we are keeping busy huh? I’ve been busy working and watching Nicholas this week and trying to find the time to decorate for fall. Every year I say I’m only putting out one or two things…yeah, right… that never happens and I know it’s that way with you too!
I did find time to primp my pumpkin though and here it is! I bought the pumpkin at 50% off and the fringe at JoAnn’s the ribbon at Hallmark, I think she turned out darling!
I have her in my corner cupboard but don’t know if I’ll keep her
there or not!
Fall 2012 014
She goes so well in every room!
Fall 2012 012
Did I spend a lot of time on her? No, only took about 10 minutes but it fits into the schedule that I have been having lately, so to me that’s all that matters!
Fall 2012 011
Hmmm…maybe I could put her here in my livingroom, see she goes any where!
Fall 2012 016
Thanks so much for stopping by and your comments make me smile, I haven’t got to answering and stopping by much because of the grands and work but I’m hoping it settles down a bit soon!
OMG, I almost forgot Chloe, she had her first vet appointment Friday and weighs a whopping 2 1/2 lbs, she’s like another grandchild and for a puppy she is doing so well.
Fall 2012 003
Fall 2012 005
I’ll be joining these special parties:
Wow Us Wednesdays @ Savvy Southern Style
Primp Your Pumpkin Party @ Debbiedoo’s( one of three hostess’s )
DIY Fall Festival @ DIY Showoff
Primp Your Stuff Wednesday @ Primp
All Star Block Party @ In the Old Road



Debbiedoo's said...

You did an adorable job of primping your pumpkin Rondell. Thanks so much for sharing.

Gina said...

That is such a pretty primped pumpkin! (Mine was a disaster) It looks like it will look great no matter where you place it in your house.

cynthia lee designs said...

Love, love, love your white pumpkin!! It looks great with your decor.
Little Chloe is adorable!!

Gail said...

Your pumpkin is so cute Rhondell! You're right...she will fit in anywhere.

Sherry said...

Your primped up pumpkin is gorgeous! It does look good anywhere. Love!

Anne said...

Your cute pumpkin is the perfect accent for your home. Great job!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Cute! I love the simplicity of this. The black and white theme looks adorable in your cupboard too. Great job. Your all primped out now! :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Hello, Chloe, girl! (so cute)

I love your black and white looks perfect in your corner cupboard. So cute!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Adorable! I don't ever craft with black but dots and pom poms would be allowed!
I linked up, too! ♥

Cristina Garay said...

Love it when something simple gets such lovely results! It goes anywhere, great job!

Kelly said...

That is so cute! I love white pumpkins the best anyway.

Andrea said...

that is SOO pretty and girly!!!!!

srpprcrftr said...

What a great simple inexpensive decorating you did on that wonderful white pumpkin. Haven't seen any other pumpkins snazzied up that way. Great job.
Your puppy is so darned cute, what is she? Love the lab also. I've noticed for some reason labs tend to cross their paws like that. It's so cute. Love yellow labs. We had one and he was so awesome. We have a black lab/border collie, what a great kid he is.