Saturday, September 29, 2012

Debbiedoo’s Copy Cat!

Well, you know me, when I do a copy cat it’s always Pottery Barn, just can’t get enough of their catalogs, but their prices are just to high for me! Just watch out if I ever hit the Power Ball though (which I don’t play but hubby does ) lol. Anyway, here is the page I copied.
This is as close as I got it! I got the brainy idea to buy a dropcloth at Lowe’s for $21.00 instead of PB’s $99.00 one! Brought it home and washed it and it did make the dropcloth really soft. I may bleach it next time it goes in the wash.
I’m a little disappointed in it but it sure isn’t blue anymore and does brighten up the room. Now for a new rug:) My husband doesn’t want to hear about that. Ha!
I’ll tell you about the picture above the couch in another post that I did today!
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Tablescape

It sure has taken me a long time to do a tablescape, like a few years  but in my defense I have gathered everything from here and there on a dime to do one.
For instance the plates and glasses are from last year which I bought at The Dollar Tree, so glad I did because they don’t have them for sale this year at all, they put a few of the glasses out this fall but they went out the door in a flash! The napkins I found this summer at a yard sale 6 for .25…couldn’t pass them up!
The metal napkin rings I found at Bed Bath and Beyond at an end of the season sale for about $2.98 for 8in a box.
Pottery Barn candle bowl with a candle from DT wrapped in burlap surrounded by tiny pumpkins that I have had for a while.
diningroom fall 2012 008
At the opposite side of the table I sort of made a copy of a pinterest picture I had pinned, didn’t have enough little pumpkins so used what I had!
diningroom fall 2012 012
Do you see the tray underneath the basket? I found it at a church rummage sale for $2.00 not sure if it’s silver or just plain metal! The glass leaf tea light holders I bought last year at the Dollar General.
diningroom fall 2012 010
So there it is my fall diningroom for 2012
diningroom fall 2012 003
Here it is in 2011
I hope you enjoyed my fall decorating, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Hope your weekend is going well too!
Oh, before I forget last night we and friends of ours went to Pittsburgh at the Benedum Center to see the play Jersey Boys and OH, What a Night it was, so very good and if you have the chance, go see it! I went on their blog and to date 37 million people have seen it, can’t get any greater reviews than that;)
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Another AS Chalkpaint Project and Some Pretty Pumpkins

Hello! I hope your having a good evening, great fall weather today and I’m so loving it and enjoying it too, it will be gone before we know it friends!
I’m showing the centerpiece on my diningroom table, I found the nice, strong basket at GW a week or so ago for $2.00! In it I used things from last year that I’ve done, I used glitter glue on the white pumpkin and the pear is covered with cinnamon it’s held up great since I did it a couple years ago.
I’ve also tried Pic Monkey as you can tell with the text in the middle of the photo. Some things on there are pretty neat I just have to experiment more.
Fall 2012 010
I’ve had this oil painting since the 70’s, I wanted to keep the frame because he had chosen it but I needed it to be a different color. So out came the AS Chalkpaint in French Linen. This pic is from when I remembered to take a picture using a piece of cardboard so that I didn’t have to take the picture out to paint the frame, worked great!
Fall 2012 007
Here it is completed! A great fall picture for the mantle that I keep changing over and over. lol
Fall 2012 008
You can see where I have to do any crafting, my poor diningroom. Yes, that’s a shower curtain that I bought at a rummage sale for .25, I use it to paint on any crafts that I do. You can see that I did darken it with a medium and black craft paint and I’ll show it when I’m done with my mantel, okay?
Fall 2012 009
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time to Primp Your Pumpkin

Well hello, how are you? Are your weeks flying by like mine? I cannot believe it’s Wednesday already can you? Seems like it was just Sunday, I guess that means we are keeping busy huh? I’ve been busy working and watching Nicholas this week and trying to find the time to decorate for fall. Every year I say I’m only putting out one or two things…yeah, right… that never happens and I know it’s that way with you too!
I did find time to primp my pumpkin though and here it is! I bought the pumpkin at 50% off and the fringe at JoAnn’s the ribbon at Hallmark, I think she turned out darling!
I have her in my corner cupboard but don’t know if I’ll keep her
there or not!
Fall 2012 014
She goes so well in every room!
Fall 2012 012
Did I spend a lot of time on her? No, only took about 10 minutes but it fits into the schedule that I have been having lately, so to me that’s all that matters!
Fall 2012 011
Hmmm…maybe I could put her here in my livingroom, see she goes any where!
Fall 2012 016
Thanks so much for stopping by and your comments make me smile, I haven’t got to answering and stopping by much because of the grands and work but I’m hoping it settles down a bit soon!
OMG, I almost forgot Chloe, she had her first vet appointment Friday and weighs a whopping 2 1/2 lbs, she’s like another grandchild and for a puppy she is doing so well.
Fall 2012 003
Fall 2012 005
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Target & Fall Decor

Hello everyone and a happy Sunday to you!
Who doesn’t love Target, I know I do !
I’ve kept my eye out for a new lamp for my bedroom for a while now and there it was sitting on a shelf just waiting for me. The lighting is great for reading a book in bed too!
Fall 2012 001
I also found this cute little wire basket there too in the dollar section right when you walk in the door for $2.50!
Fall 2012 002
Be still my heart…I found this burlap lampshade at Target, only two of them left on the shelf so I grabbed one. I also see Buster’s ball there in the kitchen and fall garland still waiting to be used on the counter, oh well I’ll get to it soon!
Fall 2012 005
Now here’s a look at my diningroom table while I’m decorating for fall…messy! Some how I just can’t go to neutral in my fall decorating to me all the rich colors of fall make it seem fall a lot more! Do you see the black rooster, I got him for .25 at a yardsale and you can put a tea light in him, haven’t tried it yet though!
Fall 2012 007
I wrapped burlap around this arrangements container and tied with twine!
Fall 2012 010
Also put some fall in my entryway.
Fall 2012 009
Thanks for stopping by, always appreciate it so much!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More AS Chalkpaint Projects

Hi everyone! We have had beautiful weather here in Pa. sunny and wonderful temperatures. I decorated my front porch yesterday because the weather was so nice, I'll show you at a later date when I'm all done!
I have also did two more projects with my AS Chalkpaint, just loven this paint so much. This is an urn that needed spruced up a bit, so I ditched the ugly flowers and the urn only cost me $1.00 .
Urn that I bought at a yard sale full of an ugly arrangement.
The AS Chalk paint went on so smooth and that is one of the reasons I love it so much, you can see in the picture at how creamy it is and so easy to distress!

Love...I have it sitting on the table between my two livingroom chairs
Now this isn't completely done but wanted to give you an idea of where I'm headed in my diningroom. In fact I have the fabric, which I bought at JoAnn's, folded under the seat just to see what it looks like. I painted it with the Paris Grey, I haven't distressed it yet I'd like to wait and purchase a wax before I do.

This is what it used to look like, love it but it's time for a change, I'll just use the black and white fabric right over the drop cloth just in case I want that look again.
Here is another pic!

This is what I saw out my window yesterday morning...turkeys, I kept waiting for a male to spread his feathers but I think he was just to busy eating:)
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yes, I Caved plus Tweaking a Fall Wreath

Hello everyone! I can feel fall in the air, mornings are cooler and it gets dark earlier now, we had a fantastic summer so I guess I have to let it go and look forward to what the autumn season will bring! I know that I’ll be doing a lot of furniture painting in the months to come because I caved, yes, I did and bought some AS Chalkpaint from Robyn Story Designs & Boutique! No, I didn’t buy the quarts but surely will the next time I order, she has a flat shipping rate which I love and with my order I received a official chalkpaint color chart, now for a newbie like me this is great because my next order I’ll know exactly what color I would like right off the bat!
I bought two sample pots and boy, does this paint go along way folks! I ordered Paris Grey and French Linen. Right now I’m using Paris Grey, can you tell, I’m such a messy painter? lol I guess I’m just to anxious to see the final outcome with this paint!
AS Chalkpaint 001
AS Chalkpaint 005
On my first project I wanted to start out with a small piece, so I went with a picture frame I found for a $1.00 that has beadboard backing, at the fleamarket earlier this summer. I had a before picture but deleted it by mistake so just imagine all white with a yellow flower under glass. Here is what it looks like now: I used a black and white photo of Lands End in Cabo that I had taken. I really like the Paris Grey such a true color of gray it is! Where you see the white is where I distressed it a little.
AS Chalkpaint 006
I hung it on a small wall between the diningroom and Kitchen.
I have so fallen in love with AS Chalkpaint, everything you have heard about it is true. The one thing I noticed was how smooth it was and how it covered so well, I even started on my bench that I have at the diningroom table, it just seems like I want to paint everything now. I was such a doubter but now I’m a true believer!
AS Chalkpaint 009
I also brought out my fall wreaths and cut some burlap, that I had left over, and tied strips of it onto my wreath to update it a little.
AS Chalkpaint 002
I saw this great inspiration on a blog but darn, I can’t remember who! Anyway it wasn’t my idea but I loved the look and I think it really updated it don’t you?
AS Chalkpaint 004
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hey, My Blog is on FB,Nicholas’s 1st Birthday and Chloe

(Warning Picture Overload)Hello everyone, did you have a great Labor Day weekend? We had a very busy one, first we celebrated Nicholas’s first birthday Saturday, what a blessing he is to us all! So indulge me here for a “Grammie Moment” okay? Look at those two teeth! Such a good baby!
Chris and I helping him with the Elmo piƱata, his birthday was all done in Sesame Street! 
His mommy reading him the Tiger book I bought him!
Him and his dad!
Eating his very own little cake!
Here’s the cake and it was delish, I must say!011
Now… a new addition to our doggie family, meet Chloe, she is a bishon/poodle and I so wish she were mine but she belongs to my daughter and the girls:)
She is 81/2 weeks old, I know she wishes this one below would just leave her alone:) They are both cuties though.
Now on to my Facebook page for my blog, I finally did one although I wouldn’t have been able to without Michale’s help and of course my friend Debbiedoo’s, I really don’t know what I’d do without her, stop by because she has decorated her blog for fall…so cute Deb! This is a new adventure for me having a FB page and I’ll certainly try to keep it updated but I’m still in the learning stage so have patience with me:) It’s located on the right on my sidebar and I’d love it if you would LIKE me too on it.
Have a great day, it’s rainy and gloomy here today sort of puts you in the mood for fall. I’m finally ready though to embrace fall, although I’m a Spring girl thur and thur! I’m wanting to wear some leather boots and jeans again!
I’ll be back later to show you the other package I got in the mail, you have to wait though, I’ll give you a hint though by saying “I Finally Caved’.