Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bar Cart Styling

Hi everyone! Are you cold and tired of the white stuff yet, gee, this is supposed to go
on to next week, right now my iPhone is saying it’s 9 degrees. 
So I’m trying to keep busy inside since I can’t do anything outside.
Here is my diningroom table and entryway a few days ago
PicMonkey Collage
Piles of stuff on the table and an empty entryway which I’ll be showing you soon, I’ve been
painting something for in there. First though I want to show you how I styled my bar cart,
they aren’t easy to decorate unless you just wanted to put liquor  and glasses on it.
Here is mine, hopefully I’m going shopping tomorrow if the weather permits and I’ll
be looking for a different lamp to use, somehow I just don’t think the chicken/rooster cuts it.
This is the way I styled it first, using what I had:
bar cart 010
bar cart 014
So I fiddled with it for a couple days and came up with this:
bar cart2 008
I wish I’d have thought to roll up and hide that cord…oh well, somewhere around here I have little
clips I bought for something like this.
bar cart2 010
The little wine plates I bought at the church sale four for a dollar, I didn’t know what I was
going to do with them at the time but they sure came in handy here.
bar cart2 011
The grainsack wine cover I found at William Sonoma on sale for $4.00 I couldn’t resist.
bar cart2 012
Old and new wine corks fill a glass footed vase from a wedding.
bar cart2 015
Wine glasses, milkglass cake plate and pink tulips finish it off.
 bar cart2 016
For my chalkboard which I put back in it’s place, I made a cute, little banner from scrap paper
I found at Tuesday Morning.
bar cart2 017

bar cart2 019
I’ve been wanting to make one for a while now.
bar cart2 020
Hope your keeping nice and warm where your at.
Thanks for visiting and hope to hear from you !

Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentines Mantle 2014

While cleaning and redecorating with what I have I decided just to go ahead and do the mantle for Valentine’s Day, have you did
yours yet? I did mine without spending a dime, all you see is what I’ve had from past Valentines Days.
I’ve kept my chippy window up too, I’m finding out that it makes a really nice backdrop for decorating so I hope I don’t get bored with it
to soon.
bar cart 009
I found these at Target a couple years ago and still like them.
bar cart 007
Also my sweater candle that Stush bought me for Christmas one year.
The small branches are from outside and I made the little bookpage garland…so
easy to do. Just cut a heart out on a page of a book and hot glue them on to
a length of twine.
bar cart 008
So there is my Valentine mantle for 2014, V Day will be here in less than a month!
bar cart 005
I hope your all having a great evening, here we are waiting to see who goes to the Super Bowl.



Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Favorite Bar Cart Pins

I was really lucky last Friday shopping with my friend… we stopped at Target just to look
around. Of course I’m always interested in the clearance prices on things so
I think we both scored, my friend with two neat black and white Nate Burkas
picture frames and moi with a bar cart for… get this $38.98 down from $129.00.
I have been looking for one and was just thrilled to find it, I had already seen
it online and loved it and could just picture it in my diningroom. Decorating it I think will be a little bit of a challenge so I
looked on Pinterest and found these pins that I liked the most.





I’ll show you my bar cart when I’ve finished decorating it, my diningroom and foyer are a
mess with things taken off the walls and leaning against them, taking the Christmas d├ęcor down has really inspired me to decorate with what I already have, how about

My Romantic Home…Show and Tell Friday

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pittsburgh, Mt. Washington and Nicholas

Hello all you Eskimos out there, I’m sitting here with a throw over my lap (a new throw btw) like an old lady, I’m freezing’',
it’s 3 degrees out and I know we haven’t had this Artic freeze as long as some of you but I m tired of it
already. The kids had no school today and a 2 hour delay for tomorrow morning.
In my last post I mentioned that we went to Mt. Washington, I took some pictures and thought I’d share
a few with you.
This is the Point and where the 3 rivers meet Allegheny, Monongahela and the Ohio rivers.  At one
time there was a settlement on the Point also.
iphone 015

This statue really impressed me as it was huge and made of bronze, it’s George Washington and
Seneca leader Guyasuta.
iphone 010
iphone 017
You can see the bridges to the left, I think I count 3 of them.
iphone 014
Then we all went for lunch at Mario’s on the Southside.
Really good food there and nice family atmosphere too. Then on to the movie where we viewed
American Hustle, very good but not what I expected. Jennifer Lawrence played a great part so
I’m anxious to see the Oscars this year to see if she’s nominated.
iphone 022
Christmas was wonderful, we couldn’t wait for the kids to come, Nicholas loved his Thomas the Train riding toy that I
just couldn’t resist buying him.
iphone 007
iphone 008
I’ll be babysitting him Thursday and I can’t wait to see him and get him to show me all his Christmas toys.
I’ve also been sick but I’m feeling a little better today.
I’ll be joining these parties:
Show and Tell

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Ten in 2013

Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and that your Christmas was a bright one.
Ours was great, the family is really growing, Nicholas was everything I was hoping he would be,
so cute with the gift opening. Yesterday we went to Pittsburgh, took pictures at Mt. Washington ate at
Mario’s on the South Side and then went to the movies to see American Hustle with Jennifer Lawrence.
I’ll post soon of our day with the pictures we took.
Well, everyone is doing their reviews so I thought I’d do mine for you too.
This post was No.1
Can You Say Extorp? ps. all the wrinkles fell out on their own.
ektorp sofa 004
Livingroom 2013 003
Fall Livingroom Seems like yesterday doesn’t it?
chalkboard backsplash 001
How Do You Like it Now? Still love them.
after Christmas 005
kitchen 2013 and McCoy 003
hoosier 006
Buster with eyebrows 002
No. 10
so good for a New Years Eve Party, check it out!
Fireplace 2013 005
If I don’t get back on here by New Years Eve I want to wish you all a safe and healthy New Year!