Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I’m Still Not Satisfied!


This is the Before picture, to me too white…


and the After…there is a difference isn’t there? I do know I’ll never buy pure white again but live and learn:)

I’m sure learning and I guess that’s what it’s all about, trouble is I want it perfect like I see in blogland that just make me sigh but I’ll get there one day. Thank you to those that commented and explained how to do the glaze, I do like glazing I just have to sand alot more I think, even when I was prim I hesitated to sand alot.lol This picture was taken at night and pretty close as to the true color of the paint on the walls, sometimes it shows green but it isn’t.



 You can see some of the glaze here, do you think I need to sand more?


The bowl I bought at Walmart the other day, my daughter is off all week and it seems that’s all we did was shop! I did pick up some stocking stuffers for the girls at Toy’s R Us so I guess I’ve started Christmas shopping!


 This tea cup I bought at TJMax I thought it would look good here!


I also glazed my chair and the ceramic pot of tiny rosebuds I found at GW for $1.99.


Here’s the back of it, I do love this.


This mirror my SIL gave me, love the bevel on the mirror but looks like I smeared it when I tried to clean some glaze off of it.


 The next three pictures are of some GW finds and I have more that I’ll do in another post, getting sick sure put me back on comments and showing my finds! Anyway, I found this bunny for Easter for $2.00 I just couldn’t pass him up, he’s made of Hydrangeas.100_3398

I think I lucked out with him for spring time, he’s put away until then.


I also found this picture at Gw for $1.99 it’s titled Afternoon Snack, I’m sort of liking the gold frame for now!


I thought this little container for seeds was neat, inside are compartments for different seeds!


These are from Dutch Boy, I’m leaning towards the one on the right which is called Kiss of Cream and the left one is Weathered White. I got them at Walmart but had to leave the paint area because Samantha wanted me to see Barbie’s Townhouse that she wants Santa to bring her:)


Well, that’s all ladies for now anyway…I’m linking to Faded Charm for White Wednesday and Kim’s Before and After Party please stop by to see all the wonderful talent out in blogland!




High Street Cottage said...

Hi Rondell,Everything looks beautiful! I adore the chairs, my Dad and his wife have that type, and I think they should paint them white, it's so cottagy with all the details. Well done, tami

Cabin and Cottage said...

What a wonderful picture you found! Your cabinet looks terrific! I'm always in awe of painters. I've never done it! best to you, Jacqueline

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi there~ It all looks beautiful! I love the cabinet in it's paint and glaze and the chair came out so pretty too!! Great scores at the thrift store~ a hydrangea bunny is a first!!! Cute! :)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Rondelle,
It all looks beautiful but my favorite is the glaze on the details of that chair! You are quite the bargain hunter at GW! Wonderful finds!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

The corner cabinet looks very nice. I'd like to learn those painting techniques myself :-)

Toocutedobs said...

Lovin' the bunny! And that chair is fab! This recession is turning out to be fun in a way. I never shopped GW before this.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Rondell, thanks so much for joining the party. Nice paint jobs. You could probably glaze the cabinet again if you want it to look more aged. The chair looks very nice. I love the little seeds box.

Lee Laurie said...

I love everything that you painted. Beautiful! I would paint everything (furniture) in my house white if I had the time. I just do a little at a time. I have those chairs too. I can't wait to paint them. Yours look awesome.

Shabbygalsnest said...

Hi Rondell, I loved everything! I have been eyeing that same bowl at Wallyworld too. Might have to just but it after seeing it on your post. I looove the color on your wallls what color is that? Traci

Rebecca said...

It looks good and shabby now-really like that mirror!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

The glaze does mellow it out, doesn't it? I love what it did for your chair, too. Your displays look really pretty.

Carolyn said...

The cabinet and the chair look great-good job! You found some lovely treasures too.


Biljana said...

I love shabby, all looks great:))
Hugs, Biljana

gail said...

I love the detail on the chair-so pretty! the glazing looks great.

Ana said...

Hi Rondell,
I think you did a great job on all your glazing and congrats on all your awesome finds...Especially the very sweet hydrangea bunny...Too cute. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sue said...

What a lot of pretty things you found while thrifting! I think your corner cabinet looks great, but I like white! A little more glaze would look great too if you want it darker.

Thanks for stopping by.

Kindra-At Home With K said...

I love all your little white accents you have been picking up. I can't wait to see you walls after painting. I'll be tackling painting my living room/dining room/kitchen...which all have tan walls and red trim. The trim is going to be a TREAT to paint. Wanna help? LOL

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

HI Rondell! I woke up thinking about you and was determined to find you and see how you are and I found this sweet little blog...no telling how long it's been since I last visited you! I love this blog...loved your other one too but this one is beautiful.. I hope you are doing well. You have been on my mind...not sure why...but usually when that happens to me with a person...I pray! So just know that God must have you on His mind too...because He put you on mine! Blessings to you sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

The room looks stunning! To be honest, the very first thing that jumped out at me was the aqua shelf! Adorable!

Thanks for stopping by my blog... :)

Take care,