Saturday, July 16, 2011

Modern Country and Country French!

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I am, just had to work Friday and today, glad it was just during the day though!
I wanted to pop on here and share with you a book and a magazine I won over at Courtney’s A French Country Cottage during the the Block/Blog Party. It was really funny to me because at Lowes I picked up the Country French magazine but put it down because of the price, then the next week I won it…so glad I didn’t buy it! I also won a wonderful book called Modern Country, I love this style, of course I love all styles of decorating it’s just deciding on which one.LOL I do know that I like to mix different styles together I love the look of that!  This book sure shows you how to do it too!
This is the cover of the book, don’t you just love it!
This photo below is my favorite in the whole book, I love how everything just blends together, love the beadboard on the cabinet and how it is distressed, oh, and the ticking seat cushions on those chairs …fab!
Love the chairs and the lights!
Be Still My Heart….all those white dishes!
Every picture in the book is just beautiful!
Here’s a few from the Country French magazine! The cover!
I so want one of these chairs, Mr. K and I are going to the flea market tomorrow, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find something like this?
I love how this mantel is decorated although I think I’d use different vases!
A pretty corner in the kitchen!
I would love to have a kitchen window that size, love the glass cabinet doors too!
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my winnings, they will be great to keep for the colder months but who wants to think about that right?
I also received my Ramsign today and was so thrilled with it, as soon as I can get Mr.K to put it up outside for me I’ll show you!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and thanks again Courtney!


Gina said...

Congrats on the win Rondell! They both look like wonderful books.

Pattie said...

Congrats on winning those wonderful books, I love all the white dishes too.


Linda said...

Congrats on winning that cute book. I will have to keep my eye out for that one. I think we are all with you there as far a the chair goes. I'm looking here as well. They are hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win! I have had the book "Modern Country" on my wishlist at Amazon for months now. Looks like a wonderful book.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Congratulations! That will provide lots of inspiration! Love the look!

Have a great week!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Congrats on your win! WOW!!! Nice prizes. :D

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I'll have to pick up a copy of Modern Country~it looks like a great book.

casey at loft and cottage said...

I adore a modern country look. Congrats! And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!